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Texas Department of Criminal Justice Organizational Chart

  • Texas Board of Criminal Justice
    Dale Wainwright, Chairman
    • Office of Inspector General: Bruce Toney
    • State Counsel for Offenders Division: Rudolph Brothers
    • Internal Audit Division: Christopher Cirrito
    • PREA Ombudsman: Lynne Sharp
    • Executive Director, Bryan Collier
      Deputy Executive Director, Oscar Mendoza
      • Chief Financial Officer: Jerry McGinty
        • Business and Finance Division: Jerry McGinty
      • Office of General Counsel Division: Sharon Felfe Howell
      • Executive Administrative Services: Jeff Baldwin, Chief of Staff
        Vacant, Public Information Director
      • Administrative Review and Risk Management Division: Kelvin Scott
      • Victim Services Division: Angie McCown
      • Health Services Division: Dr. Lannette Linthicum
      • Human Resources Division: Patty Garcia
      • Rehabilitation Programs Division: Rene Hinojosa
      • Reentry and Integration Division: April Zamora
      • Community Justice Assistance Division: Carey Green
      • Correctional Institutions Division: Lorie Davis
      • Private Facility Contract Monitoring/Oversight Division: Cody Ginsel
      • Parole Division: Pam Thielke
      • Information Technology Division: Vacant
      • Manufacturing and Logistics Division: Bobby Lumpkin
      • Facilities Division: Frank Inmon