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Study: Waco has third highest discretionary expulsion rate in Texas

by John Cuoco
Waco KXXV (ABC) 25 (TX)
Posted: Apr 14, 2010 2:47 PM CDT

WACO- A new study released Wednesday by Texas Appleseed says there's a direct relationship between expulsion, dropouts and prison time.

Part of their report is on discretionary expulsions, which are expulsions based on "serious or persistent misbehavior."

The non-profit advocacy group said 8,000 expulsions were reported last year statewide; two thirds were discretionary.

According to the Texas Education Agency, Waco ISD had 196 discretionary expulsions, the third highest rate in the state.

These statistics also spotlight the need for community involvement in troubled youths lives.

Bubba Myers of the Boys and Girls Club of Waco said there is probably more that could be done. About 70 percent of kids at the Club are from single parent-low income home. Myers told News Channel 25 these expulsions are not the result school district giving up on students, but added sending kids to an empty home may not be the best decision and could lead to worse situations.

"Those ole' idol hands, if they end up dropping out, they tend to find other avenues, most of those are not very good," Myers explained.

Myers added he'd like to see more people stand up and help troubled kids closing the gateway from schools to prison cells.

"Somebody helped us all, somebody gave us a chance, and somebody put their arm around us and kept the hope alive," he said.

The Waco Independent School District declined comment on this story.


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