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Rehabilitation Programs Division

COURAGE Program for Youthful Offenders

Travis State Jail Youthful Offender (YOP)

The Travis State Jail Youthful Offender (YOP) program for youthful offenders offer programming in accordance with rules established by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) that govern the operation of the unit and management of the incarcerated population. The program utilizes a Social Learning Environment (SLE) that allows youthful offenders to learn new behaviors, attitudes, and feelings by observing events; followed by individual practice of appropriate thoughts and behaviors.

The State Jail YOP program is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary program established for youthful offenders who have been certified to be tried and sentenced as an adult. Programming is established for the youthful offenders on a weekly schedule and structured according to a three (3) level system. The schedule includes a minimum of ten (10) hours of structured program services, to include individual and group counseling for all program participants. In addition to program services, the schedule includes education, vocational training, and work.


Steven Gaddis – Deputy Director of Volunteer Services and Special Populations
TDCJ - Rehabilitation Programs Division
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