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WIN Winners

April Peralta

April PeraltaAfter seeing fellow staff members lose weight and become fit, April Peralta with the Office of General Counsel decided “I can do that too!” With determination in mind, Ms. Peralta asked for and received a new pair of athletic shoes for Mother’s Day in 2009 and started walking. Through regular exercise and a change in eating habits, Ms. Peralta lost 100 pounds in one year, dropping from a size 22 dress to a size 6-8.

Today, Ms. Peralta goes to the gym on a regular basis with her husband, Warden Peralta, and faithfully exercises for one to two hours each day. To keep motivated, she alternates her exercise routine between walking, running, core, kickboxing and strength training. As to her eating habits, Ms. Peralta counts calories and avoids foods with high fructose corn syrup. She also avoids foods heavy in fat, such as mayonnaise and butter, and eats lots of fruits and vegetables. Ms. Peralta’s determination to stay healthy and fit remains strong as she looks back at her “before” picture and vows “never to go back.”

Congratulations April Peralta on such an accomplishment!

Jesus Mendoza

Jesus Mendoza (Before and After)WIN wishes to recognize Jesus Mendoza, Release Coordinator for the Community Justice Assistance Division in Austin. Jesus was born as a premi and weighed less than 2 pounds, but all the good caring his parents gave him formed him into an overweight child/man.

He lost his father at the age of 62, and started to get warning signs that if he didn't change his ways concerning his health, he would probably die at an early age. In 2004, Jesus was diagnosed with high blood pressure and then in 2007 with diabetes. When he reached 288 pounds in July 2009, he decided something had to be done. Jesus devoted himself to exercising and eating less than 1,500 calories a day. As of September 2010, Jesus has lost 100 pounds and no longer has to take medicine for high blood pressure or diabetes.

Congratulations Jesus Mendoza on your achievements!

Norman Langwell, Jr.

Governor Rick Perry named Norman Langwell, Jr. of Huntsville as the 2008 Texas Round-Up Fit Texan. Mr. Langwell is a Correctional Officer V at the Goree Unit, and has been employed with the agency for 7 ½ years. Mr. Langwell shed 178 pounds and has gone from a size 58 pant to an astounding size 32. By cutting out junk food, adding daily exercise, and having faith in himself, Mr. Langwell was able to achieve a remarkable goal of losing weight and becoming healthier. We would like to congratulate Mr. Langwell for receiving the outstanding honor of being named the 2008 Fit Texan Winner. You truly are an inspiration for anyone who wants to live a healthier life style.

David Braun

David Braun - Gurney UnitGurney Unit's WIN Coordinator, David Braun, ran in the 2006 Texas Round-Up Governor's Challenge 10K race in Austin on April 29, 2006. His time was 58:37. Out of 901 runners, Mr. Braun was 477th! Congratulations Mr. Braun on such an accomplishment!

Sandra Milholland

Mrs. Sandra Milholland, ACP II at the John Middleton Unit has been training with the North Texas Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Team In Training since August in preparation to race walk the P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in Phoenix, Arizona. There were 29,528 people registered to participate and 15,848 finished the half-marathon, and 7,365 finished the full marathon. Ms. Milholland finished in 7 hours, 14 minutes, and 36 seconds. Her time was 45 minutes slower than usual due to a knee injury and other factors. The Arizona Republic newspaper reported race officials tried to make the course faster and easier this year, but were baffled because even the elite runners clocked slower times this year over last. Ms. Milholland raised $3,900 for the privilege of participating, and her sister, a leukemia survivor, was her Honored Hero.

Ms. Milholland is currently nursing her knee back to health but won’t rest from her workouts for too long as she and her husband will be walking the famous Coast-to-Coast Trail (181 miles) across England in 19 days during June of this year. They will then spend a week touring Scotland.

Gloria Mills

WIN would like to recognize Gloria Mills as a WIN Winner! Ms. Mills works as a Correctional Officer at the Byrd Unit. When not at work, Gloria likes to read, workout, run a 5K, and travel. Gloria is also a YMCA Basketball Coach. Congratulations Gloria! Keep up the good work!

William Roosevelt

William Roosevelt (Before and After)Wellness Initiative Now would like to congratulate William Roosevelt, Project RIO Specialist at Ramsey II, on his selection as a WIN Winner! He was chosen because he has displayed exceptional achievement with weight-loss, exercising, and living an overall healthier lifestyle.

Mr. Roosevelt has dedicated himself to losing weight after receiving a dire warning from his doctor. He then tipped the scales at 442 pounds. Mr. Roosevelt was referred to Weight Watchers and told to begin walking 20 minutes a day.

“I think like everybody else, I really fought the change of lifestyle,” he said. “But after a month, I started looking forward to the walking. My 20 minutes went to 30 minutes and my 30 minutes went to an hour. The more I exercised, the better I felt. And the better I felt, the more I exercised.”

Roosevelt, who now runs up to 30 miles a week and also swims and lifts weights regularly, dropped his weight to 238 pounds in a year.

Not surprisingly, unit administrators called on him to serve as the Ramsey II WIN Representative. He said his biggest challenge is to convince fellow employees to follow his example by exercising and eating right.

Congratulations William Roosevelt on your achievements!

Edward Ortega

Wellness Initiative Now would like to recognize Edward Ortega, a Food Service Manager III from the Garza West Unit, as a WIN Winner! He has demonstrated outstanding effort in accomplishing personal goals to get fit and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Mr. Ortega began his weight loss program on December 30, 2002 by giving up sugar and red meat, and switching to a low-fat diet made up of mainly chicken and fish. In mid-January, he added an exercise regimen with his 1,500-calorie daily diet.

“I introduced myself to the diet, and the diet was working,” Ortega said. “But when I married the diet to the exercise,it really augmented my weight loss. I just started dropping it.” Edward Ortega (Before and After)

Mr. Ortega’s weight dropped from 314 pounds to 233 in less than five months! He says his attitude is better and he feels better.

Congratulations Edward Ortega on your accomplishments!

Edward Ortega before (left) and after (right).

Page updated: 08/24/2017