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Additional Instructions

If you have Microsoft Word 97 or a higher version, you can use your computer to complete the State of Application for Employment and the TDCJ Employment Application Supplement by following the steps below:

Download the Forms

  1. Download the pers-283.exe (self-extracting Microsoft Word template). It is recommended that you save the file to your desktop. If you wish to download all forms, choose the Download All button.
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  2. For earlier versions of Word: From your desktop, double-click or run the pers-283.exe or the AllForms.exe file to extract the template to your desktop. 

  3. Double-click the to create a new document based upon the PERS-283 template. 
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  4. When prompted, enable macros. (The macros must be enabled to utilize the PERS-283 toolbar.) If you do not receive a prompt to enable or disable macros, the macro security setting is too high. Within Microsoft Word, click Tools, Macro, Macro Security, then choose Medium.

    Earlier versions of Word:

    f the PERS-283 toolbar is not visible, right-click on the upper toolbar and place a check beside PERS-283. PERS-283 Toolbar

    Later versions of Word:

    The toolbar can be found under the ADD-INS tab. PERS-283 Toolbar

Using the Template

Determine how many additional Employment History pages you will need. From the toolbar, press Insert a Blank Employment History Page one time for each additional page needed.

  1. Press Ctrl+Home to move the cursor to the the first insertion point. Type your last name, and then press the TAB key to move the cursor to the second insertion point. The TAB key will be utilized to move to each insertion point in the document. Pressing Shift + TAB takes the cursor to the previous insertion point.

  2. Continue typing the required information and pressing the TAB key until you have completed the application forms.

  3. When you wish to mark a checkbox, press the Spacebar. Pressing the Spacebar again will unmark the box if you make a mistake.

  4. Once you have completed the application forms, select Spell Check from the toolbar if you wish to check your document for spelling errors.

  5. Save the new document for future reference.

  6. Should you need to make changes later, simply open the file and use your pointer to click in the area you wish to change.

If you experience problems completing this form or wish to have a printed copy mailed to your address, please call (936) 437-4109 or send an email message to

Page updated: 08/24/2017