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January February 2005
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Brad Livingston named Executive Director of TDCJ

The Texas Board of Criminal Justice in July named Brad Livingston Executive Director of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, a position he had held on an interim basis since November.

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Texas State Guard gives employees second chance to serve

Hal Baldwin and John Monteson always wanted to serve their state and country as soldiers. But after dedicating more than 20 years to their TDCJ careers, the two, now in their 40s, figured they were no longer young enough to serve in uniform. But then one day last year, Baldwin was browsing the TDCJ home page when he clicked on the Texas Homeland Security icon.

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Once a comfort to the condemned, TDCJ employee now supports victims

Their heads rested only four inches apart against a common wall, yet the two women couldn’t see each inside the divided death chamber at the Huntsville “Walls” Unit that night five years ago. On one side of the wall stood the mother of a little girl who had been raped and murdered 13 years earlier by the man strapped to the execution gurney sitting just a few feet beyond the window of the witness room. On the other side was the mother of the convicted killer.

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