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November/December 2014
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Facilities Maintenance keeps
TDCJ running, safe and secure

By Terrell McCombs, TBCJ Vice-Chairman

Terrell McCombs, TBCJ Vice-Chairman
Terrell Mccombs

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice Facilities Division provides a full range of facility management and engineering services, to include a team of dedicated Facilities Maintenance professionals who maintain the agency's state-owned-and-operated facilities. During fiscal years 2012-2014, Facilities Maintenance successfully completed more than 1,500 projects, including such large-scale undertakings as converting the Marlin Unit from a male to a female housing unit. The department's efficient management system, combined with the dedicated work of its skilled employees, allows many of these projects to be completed on schedule and under budget.

Each TDCJ unit has a maintenance department to help manage routine facility requirements, while six Regional Maintenance departments manage operations associated with all major work requests. In addition to these departments, Facilities Maintenance has a technical and administrative branch to help resolve any issues that may arise. The technical branch is also equipped with trained environmentalists whose work helps ensure environmentally sustainable products and services are used in a cost-effective and timely manner.

The quality work performed by Facilities Maintenance helps fulfill the division's mission: to plan, construct and maintain functional facilities in accordance with agency goals and legislative requirements. Facilities Maintenance performs a variety of functions which include, but are not limited to asbestos abatement; boiler operations; heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) operations; food and laundry service equipment operations; water production; wastewater operations; and construction. Many projects have a direct impact on security, to include maintenance of door-locking systems and emergency generators.

To provide for continuous improvement of work performed by the department, existing procedures are regularly re-evaluated and redrafted to comply with state and federal laws and regulations. Effective training programs help ensure that all staff members are equipped with the knowledge and tools to successfully accomplish their assigned duties. Facilities Maintenance collaborates with Facilities Engineering to streamline conceptualization and design, allowing construction and equipment replacement projects to be completed quickly and economically. Maintenance staff also coordinates their work with local municipalities to make sure that services are implemented in the most cost-effective manner possible.

With a focus on preventive and corrective maintenance, equipment replacement and construction, and a commitment to the highest standard of professionalism and excellent customer service, the Facilities Maintenance department has established a long and successful track record. The knowledge, practical experience and craftsmanship possessed by the individuals who comprise this department make them valuable agency assets.

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Facilities Maintenance keeps TDCJ running, safe and secure

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