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May June 2006
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TDCJ parole officers keep tight tabs on sex offenders throughout state

parole officer on couch, talking to offender in living roomHe’s been described as a very polite person. But people unaccustomed to Ed Ramirez’s home visits might have a different opinion.

Not only does Ramirez show up uninvited and unannounced at all hours of the day, he also starts poking through cupboards and closets moments after receiving permission to look around.

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Andrew DavisPeople with questions about the Texas Department of Criminal Justice can always look to their local library for answers. Or they can simply go online to a website where the agency reads like an open book.

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Parole officer watches over sex offenders for sake of public, three daughters

Lisa CanizalezLisa Canizalez is a working soccer mom who is very proud of her children; but you won’t find their pictures on her desk or walls. The usual business stuff is there, but nowhere in sight are the three young girls she cherishes.

That’s by design. Lisa Canizalez supervises paroled sex offenders for a living and believes in taking precautions.

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