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May June 2005
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Recruiters go “full throttle” to attract correctional officers for agency

TDCJ employee handing a card to prospective applicantWith a horde of people strolling shoulder-to-shoulder between booths lined up one side of the room and down the other, it looks and feels a lot like a carnival midway. But this isn’t a county fair. It’s a job fair on a military base in Killeen where TDCJ is in the middle of the midway madness.

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Recollections of retired Huntsville Unit warden fill new book

Willet standing next to collage of photos on the wallIt’s a 232-page book with a one-word title: WARDEN. That doesn’t unlock what’s inside until the subtitle at top of the front cover is read: TEXAS PRISON LIFE, AND DEATH, FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

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TDCJ training supervisor finds recruiting rewarding experience

Close up of Major FieldsRecruiting people on the side to work as correctional officers for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is rewarding to Region I Training Department Major James E. Fields in more ways than one.

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