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November December 2006

Owens named interim executive director of Texas Youth Commission

portrait of Ed Owens

TDCJ Deputy Executive Director Ed Owens has been named acting executive director of the Texas Youth Commission (TYC).

Owens, 48, had served as TDCJ deputy executive director since 2002, assisting the executive director with the overall management of one of the largest criminal justice agencies in the nation.

Ornamental tree farm saplings take root across state

McDonald in front of rows of potted sapplings

One thousand trees planted in plastic pots outside the Polunsky Unit in Livingston will spend three splendid years there being watered, fertilized, pruned and pampered in every way. But they won’t put down permanent roots until they are on home soil. And that could be at any TDCJ prison unit across the state.

Former prison building to become focal point for homeowners

collage of building and blueprints

For 30 years a stately structure in Sugar Land once known as “Central Two Camp” housed hundreds of TDCJ offenders. But soon, it is to become a focal point for thousands of homeowners living in a community being developed on 2,000 acres of former penitentiary property.

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