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March April 2006
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Unit gardens growing throughout TDCJ
prove bountiful

close up of gardenPenitentiaries aren’t garden spots, but many Texas prisons are garnished by gardens that help offset the cost of feeding offenders while keeping them well nourished. And the number of prison unit gardens is, well, growing.

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Age is immaterial for oldest TDCJ employee on payroll

Dusty Rhoades Some of his co-workers call him “Grandpa,” but F.L. “Dusty” Rhoades is used to the respectful ribbing. Once while working in Saudi Arabia on a natural gas pipeline project, the Facilities Division mechanical engineer, born when Warren G. Harding was president, was awarded a pen and pencil set by the locals for being the oldest employee on the job site.

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Standardized recipes cook up satisfying meals

in food lineThe best recipe for serving satisfying meals to TDCJ employees and offenders statewide is to follow preparation specifications to the letter: No adding a pinch of this or a dash of that. That’s the idea behind a new move to standardize food recipes throughout the agency’s correctional institutions.

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