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Board Bulletin

September/October 2017
Volume 25 Issue 1

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TBCJ applauds response to Hurricane Harvey

By Dale Wainwright, TBCJ Chairman

Dale Wainwright, TBCJ Chairman
Dale Wainwright

On behalf of the Texas Board of Criminal Justice, I want to strongly commend TDCJ employees for their successful efforts in response to Hurricane Harvey.

Board members understand that you provide a vital public service each and every day. You work in a challenging and difficult environment, performing duties critical to both public safety and the welfare of the offender population. Your job is never easy, but day after day you work long and hard to make a difference in the lives of many.

However, there are times when natural disasters and other disruptive events occur that require extraordinary efforts in order to maintain public safety. It is during these times that dedication and commitment are truly tested, perhaps to a degree beyond what anyone might have imagined.

During Hurricane Harvey, TDCJ employees once again met every challenge they encountered, no matter how difficult. They evacuated offenders from flooded areas, ensured adequate provisions were available for units sheltering in place as well as those housing displaced offenders, maintained supervision of offenders in the community despite damaged offices and local evacuations, continued to deliver essential services and kept family members, victims and the public informed of important storm-related developments.

Photo of flood waters surrounding the Jester 3 Unit in Richmond, TX, following Hurricane Harvey.
Flooding at the Jester III Unit in Richmond, one of many TDCJ facilities
affected by Hurricane Harvey.

It was an exceptional performance by an exceptional group of dedicated public servants.

On behalf of every member of the TBCJ, I extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Executive Director Bryan Collier, his senior staff and every employee of the TDCJ. Thank you for your hard work, dedication and sacrifice. We are fortunate to have you serving the great state of Texas.

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