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Fund-Raising Event Submission Form

Please provide the following information for posting your fund-raising event on the TDCJ Fund Raising Calendar of Events webpage:

Event Name: ______________________________________________

Event Purpose _____________________________________________

Event Location _____________________________________________

Event Schedule ____________________________________________

We also need the following contact information:

Who is the person to contact for more information about this event?

First Name:____________________________ Last Name _______________________

This person may be reached at what phone Number?

Phone Number __________________________________________________________

What organization (Unit, Department) is conducting this event?

Organization Name _______________________________________________________

If you want a fax number or e-mail address listed on the webpage provide it here:

Fax Number __________________________ E-Mail ____________________________

Fund-raising events held on state property must be pre-approved. If this applies to your event include the following information:

Approved by ___________________________________

Title __________________________________________

Telephone Number _______________________________


To submit this event:



[3] FAX THIS PAGE TO (936) 437-2125

If you have questions call EXECUTIVE SERVICES at (936) 437-6144

Information submitted via this form will be posted on the TDCJ Fund-Raising Internet Web Page. Posting cycles may require a few days delay between the submission of this form and the actual posting onto the TDCJ Internet website.

Please submit your fund-raising information as early as possible.

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