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The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles is providing information via this web site as a public service.  PLEASE NOTE that users of this web site are responsible for checking the accuracy and completeness of all information themselves. While the agency makes every effort to ensure information is accurate and complete, the Board makes no representations, guarantees, or warranties as to the accuracy, completeness, or currentness of the information provided via this web site. The Board specifically disclaims any and all liability for any claims or damages that may result from providing the web site or the information it contains, including any web sites maintained by third parties and linked to the the Board web site. The Board makes no effort to independently verify, and does not exert editorial control over information of pages outside the "" domain. The Board does not endorse any of the products, vendors, consultants, or documentation referenced in this web site. Any mention of vendors, products, or services is for informational purposes only.  the Board does not collect or track personal information from its web site visitors except for purposes of responding to e-mail requests. Generic information from server logs may be used to track the number of hits to the site and to find out what type of browser software is used by visitors. This information will be used only in aggregate form, and used solely for improving web site design.

The following is an extended excerpt from the State of Texas Department of Information Resources web page on the uses of information contained in this web page:

"The following outlines the policies for linking to, the use of, or copying information from State of Texas agency Web sites and protecting the personal information of members of the public who access state agency information through a state agency Web site. It also requires that state agencies link to the policy.

(1) Requirements Applicable to Those Linking to State Agency Web Sites

  1. Linking to State Agency Web Sites
    Organizations and individuals (the site owner) are encouraged to link to state agency information. Advance permission is not required before linking. Links should be made using the appropriate base URL of or such other URL as the agency may use. Because state agencies may change subpages at any time without notice, the site owner should routinely verify links to state agency subpages.
  2. What Site Owners May Not Do in Linking to State Agency Web Sites
    Site owners may not capture state agency pages within the site owner's frames, present state agency Web site content as that of the site owner, otherwise misrepresent the content of the state agency pages or misinform users about the origin or ownership of the content of the state agency Web site. Any link to a state agency site should be a full forward link that passes the client browser to the state agency site unencumbered. The BACK button should return the visitor to the site owner's site if the visitor wishes to back out. Although the content of state agency Web sites is available to the public, certain information on some state agency Web sites may be trademarked, service marked, or otherwise protected as the state agency's intellectual property, and all agency content is protected by federal copyright laws. Use of protected intellectual property must be in accordance with federal and state law and must reflect the copyright, trademark, service mark or other intellectual property ownership of the state agency.

    Site owners should not link to individual state agency graphics or tables within state agency pages, especially in an effort to place the downloading burden on the state agency servers. Such an action may be considered a misuse of state resources. Site owners should contact the appropriate state agency to request permission to use a copy of the state agency's graphics within the site owner's pages.
  3. Accessibility
    Owners of sites linked to state agency pages shall use reasonable efforts to ensure that persons with disabilities may access these sites.
  4. Copying and Use of Information by Web Site Owners Linking to State Agency Sites Other than Universities
    The information posted on a state agency Web site may be copied so long as it is presented in a non-misleading way and does not imply that either the site owner or the information, as it is presented on the site owner's Web site, is endorsed by the State. Use of the information must identify the state agency that is the source of the information, its Web address, the date the information was copied from the state agency's Web site by the site owner and must be accompanied by a statement that neither the site owner nor the information, as it is presented on the site owner's Web site, is endorsed by the State or any state agency. A state agency may not charge a fee to access, use or reproduce information on its Web site or to link to information on its Web site, unless specifically authorized to do so by the Texas Legislature.

    To protect the intellectual property of state agencies, copied information must reflect the copyright, trademark, service mark or other intellectual property rights of the state agency whose protected information is being used by the site owner.
  5. Copying and Use of Information by Web Site Owners Linking to University Web Sites
    Much of the information posted on University Web sites is owned by the individual who posts it rather than by the University, pursuant to the Universities' Intellectual Property Policies. Whether information is owned by the University or by an individual, permission should be obtained from the content owner for any use beyond Fair Use. Such materials may only be used in accordance with any limitations requested by the owner.
  6. Links From a State Agency Web Site
    A state agency that only provides links to other state agencies and Universities will post a link to this State Web Site Link and Privacy Policy.
    A state agency that provides links to private Web sites shall publish a linking policy that includes its standards and criteria for linking to the private Web site. State agencies are strongly encouraged to publish a disclaimer policy that specifically disclaims liability and responsibility for private Web site content. State agencies that link to private Web sites will post a link to this State Web Site Link and Privacy Policy from the Web page that identifies their specific policies."

Updated 03/25/2014

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